How to Apply for Tatkal Passport | Documents for Passport Tatkal Application

Do you need Passport very Urgently? Then you can apply for Tatkal Passport. By applying Passport Tatkal, you will get the passport very fastly when compared to the normal process. Here we have provided the Passport Tatkal Application process. So, you can easily apply through online. Also, check the list of documents required for Tatkal Passport. Get the Passport Tatkal Application fees. You can know the online Passport Tatkal Application Procedure from the below sections.

About Tatkal Passport

The Passport is one of the important document which helps to travel to other countries. Also, it is issued by the government which shows the holder is a citizen of a particular country. When an individual wants to get passport very urgently, then the candidates can apply for Passport through Tatkal. It is similar to the Normal Passport Application Process, but the process is fast. So that, the cost is high for Tatkal Passport when compared with Normal passport process. Thus because of the fast process, the individuals who want to get passport very urgently can apply for Passport Tatkal.

Here we have explained the online Passport Tatkal Application procedure. So, those who want to apply for Passport Tatkal can follow the online Application process & Passport Tatkal required documents from below.

Click Here: Passport Status

Tatkal Passport

How to apply for Tatkal Passport Online?

  1. You have to Register through the Passport Seva Online Portal.
  2. With your Login Id and Password, you have to log in to the Passport Seva Online Portal.
  3. Then after that, you have to Click on “Apply for Fresh Passport/Reissue of Passport” Link.
  4. There you have to fill the details in the application form and then click on Submit.
  5. Later you have to click on “Pay and Schedule Appointment” link on the “submitted Applicants/View saved” screen to schedule an appointment.
  6.  Click on “Print Application Receipt” link to print the application receipt containing Appointment number/Application Reference number (ARN).
  7. Finally, visit the Passport Seva Kendra or Regional Passport Office (RPO) with your Original certificates where appointment has been booked.

The candidates who want to apply for Passport through Tatkal Process should need to follow the above-mentioned process. By following this step-by-step procedure, you can easily complete the online application procedure.

Note: The online payment has been made mandatory for booking appointments at all Passport Seva offices/Kendra. The online payment can be made by following any of the following modes.

  • Debit/Credit Card (Visa and Master card)
  • SBI Bank Challan
  • Internet Banking (SBI, Associate Banks & other banks)

Apply for Fresh/Re-issue Passport through PSK

Passport Tatkal Required Documents

  1. Verification certificate as per Annexure F.
  2. Election Card
  3. Certificate of ST/SC/OBC
  4. Service Photo Id card
  5. Identity cards of Freedom Fighters
  6. Ration Card
  7. Property Documents
  8. Railway Photo Identity Card
  9. Pension documents
  10. Pan Card issued by Income Tax Department
  11. Student’s Identity Card from a recognized organization
  12. Driving License
  13. Gas Connection Bill
  14. Birth Certificate
  15. Arms License
  16. Bank Passbook

The following are the list of Tatkal Passport required documents. These documents are required to submit at Passport Seva Kendra where your Appointment has been booked. So, those who have completed the Online Application process of Passport Tatkal can check the list of required documents which are listed above.

Passport Tatkal Application Fee

The candidates can check Tatkal Passport Application Fee from below. There is different Fee structure for Fresh Passport and re-issue. Here we have calculated Application fee for Fresh and Reissue with the help of Fee Calculator. We have provided fee details as per the official website. So, you can simply check Passport Tatkal Fee details here on our site.

Tatkal Fees for Fresh Passport Type of Service Applicant Age Validity No.of Pages Fees details
1. Fresh Less than 15 years 5 years 36 pages Rs.3000/-
2. Between 15-18 years 5 years 36 pages Rs.3500/-
10years 60 pages Rs.4000/-
3. 18 years and above 10 yeras 36 pages Rs.3500/-
60 pages Rs.4000/-

Here between 15 -18 years the candidates can directly apply validity for ten years because after 18 years the candidate becomes major. There is only two years gap between 15 to 18 years So, the candidates can apply for the validity of 10 years. Also, if the age is less than 15 years the candidate can issue Passport for the validity of 5 years. The candidates can eligible to get a booklet with 60 pages when he/she becomes major.

Tatkal Fees for Passport Re-issue

Age less than 15 years

Type of Service Reason for Reissue Has your Passport Expired Validity  No. of Pages Fee details


Validity Expired          –

5 years

 36 Pages Rs.3000/-
Change in Personal Particulars          – Rs.3000/-
Exhaustion of Pages          – Rs.3000/-
Lost or Damaged Passport Yes Rs.3000/-
No Rs.5000/-

Between 15-18 years

Type of Service Reason for Issue Passport is Expired  Validity No.of Pages Fee details
Re-issue Validity Expired 5 Years 36 Pages Rs.3000/-
10 years 36 Pages Rs.3500/-
60 pages Rs.4000/-
Change in Personal Particulars 5 Years 36 Pages Rs.3000/-
10 years 36 Pages Rs.3500/-
60 pages Rs.4000/-
Exhaustion of Pages 5 Years 36 Pages Rs.3000/-
10 years 36 Pages Rs.3500/-
60 pages Rs.4000/-
Lost or Damaged Passport Yes 5 Years 36 Pages Rs.3000/-
10 years 36 pages Rs.3500/-
60 pages Rs.4000/-
No 5 years or 10 years 36 Pages Rs.5000/-
60 pages Rs.5500/-

18 years and Above

Type of service Reason for Issue Passport is Expired Validity No.of Pages Fee details
    Re-issue  Validity Expired            –    10 years  36 pages  Rs.3500/-
60 Pages Rs.4000/-
 Change in Personal Particulars             –  36 pages  Rs.3500/-
60 Pages Rs.4000/-
 Exhaustion of Pages             –  36 pages  Rs.3500/-
60 Pages Rs.4000/-
 Lost or Damaged Passport          Yes  36 pages  Rs.3500/-
60 pages Rs.4000/-
          No 36 pages Rs.5000/-
60 pages Rs.5500/-

Check Passport Tatkal Online Application Status

  1. Click on the Status Tracker option on the official website.
  2. Then you have to select the application type.
  3. There you have to enter your file number which is issued during the process of Passport application. i.e the 15 digit file number is printed on the right side of the acknowledgment letter.
  4. Later enter your date of birth. (i.e., it must be same as in the application)
  5. Now click on “Track Status’ option. Then your current passport status is displayed on the screen.

The individuals who have completed the Passport Application Procedure through Tatkal can check their online status by following above steps. Here we have mentioned step by step procedure. Therefore follow the process to know the online status.

How many days it will take to get a Tatkal Passport

The Applicants after successful completion of an application process and have submitted, along with the final status as “granted.” Then you can except your passport is dispatched in the following ways:

Application Type Police Verification – types Time taken to get Passport
Tatkal Police verification is needed on Post Passport Insurance basis Not considering the date of submission of application, you will get the passport on the 3rd working day – without waiting for the Police Verification Report.
Police verification is not required Not Considering the date of Submission of application, yu will get Passport within one working day.

Tatkal Appointment Opening Time

Passport Office  Time
Ahmedabad 02:00 PM
Amritsar 05:00 PM
Bengaluru 04:30 PM
Bareilly 04:00 PM
Bhopal 11:00 AM
Bhubaneswar 11:00 AM
Chandigarh 11:00 AM
Chennai 02:30 PM
Cochin 01:30 PM
Dehradun 04:00 PM
Delhi 05:00 PM
Ghaziabad 05:00 PM
Guwahati 11:00 AM
Hyderabad 04:30 PM
Jaipur 01:00 PM
Kolkata 03:30 PM
Kozhikode 01:30 PM
Lucknow 05:00 PM
Malappuram 12:30 PM
Mumbai 03:00 PM
Nagpur 03:00 PM
Patna 11:00 AM
Pune 12:00 PM
Raipur 11:00 AM
Ranchi 11:00 AM
Shimla 11:00 AM
Surat 01:00 PM
Thane 03:00 PM
Trivandrum 12:30 PM
Visakhapatnam 04:30 PM

Here we have given the current appointment opening time for Tatkal services regarding each passport office. The applicants should note that they should apply to the normal services, only after the successful fee payment then the appointments are allotted by the system. In the case of PSK’s where the demand is high, the appointments would be opened at the same time, even for the Normal services.

Frequently Asked Questions of Tatkal Passport

The Applicants those who want to apply for Tatkal Passport, then they would have more doubts. Here we have given some FAQ’s which will help in providing clarity to the questions that you may have while applying for the passport through Tatkal Process.

What will be the fees for the issue of Tatkal Passport? 

To get the fee details of Fresh Passport or Re-issue Passport applying through Tatkal Process Click here.

My Passport Booklet is damaged. Now I want to go Aboard urgently. What should I do?

In the case, if your Passport is damaged but you can able to read your Passport number, name and also your Photo is not damaged then you can apply for Re-issue of Passport under Tatkal Scheme. But if the passport has been damaged i.e unable to recognize your name, Passport Number and also your photo, then you can’t apply under the Tatkal scheme. So, you need to visit the Passport office to get you Passport very urgently.

Are the Indian Citizens belonging to Nagaland can apply for Passport under Tatkal Scheme?


In the case, if parents having a passport with unfavorable police Verification report, can passport is issued to the minor child on an urgent basis?

In that cases, the minor can get Passport under the Tatkal scheme concern to Passport officer’s approval.

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