Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is here. Everyone should read the Privacy Policy along with the terms and conditions before accessing our site. Before entering your personal information on our site, you have to accept the privacy policy of our site. The privacy policy describes in which way we will your personal information which is entered by yourself.

You may enter your personal information on our site by searching for anything or by filling the application forms. The personal information contains the details like the person’s name,  address, e-mail id, mobile number, etc. Once if you open our site, we will collect your IP address, information about your visit, your browsing history, etc. We will use your personal information whenever we want. So, on reading this privacy policy you are agreed to our use of your personal information.

Our main aim is to provide better information for the users. By using the user’s personal information we can know what they are searching for. Therefore, we can provide the information which is related to their search. For the third party sites privacy policy, we are not responsible. Some links are there in our site So, before accessing the third party sites, check their privacy policy.