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Do you want to know the latest Passport Fees details? Here, you can see all types of Passports along with the fee structure. Know the Passport fee details and payment methods before applying for a passport. To know the more information passport fee structure and payment methods, read the complete article.

Brief Details of Passport

Passport is an identity of a person issued by their government or naturalisation. It is under the Act of 1967. It is a travel document which is issued by the particular country’s government. Some countries will not allow the person without a passport. The persons who want to do international businesses must have a passport. So, every citizen should have a passport for entering into other countries or states. Therefore, the interested candidates who want to study in other countries should apply for a passport. Before applying for a Passport, one should know the fee structure and payment details.

Knowing the fee details is very important while applying for a Passport. You can apply for a passport in 2 ways. They are the online process and the offline process. While applying for a passport, you have to attach some documents along with the application. The Documents For Passport are also given in the bottom of the links. So, check the links to know the information about the Passport required documents. Hence, follow the below sections to know all types of passports Fee structure and payment methods.

Passport Fees

Regular Applicants Passport Fees

Passport Type 36 pages booklet 60 pages Booklet
Fresh or new Passport (10 years validity) Rs.1500 Rs.2000
Renewal of Passport (10 years validity) Rs.1500 Rs.2000
Adding a booklet when the pages in the existing passport are finished (10years validity) Rs.1500 Rs.2000
15 to 18 years Minors – fresh/new/reissue/renewal of the passport(10 years validity) Rs.1500 Rs.2000
Minors Passport – new/renewal/fresh/reissue of the passport(5 years validity) Rs.1000  –
Apply for Duplicate or replacement of passport when lost/damaged/misplaced/stolen off the current passport. Rs.3000 Rs.3500
Replacement or Duplicate Passport -For updating or modification of some details or removal of ECR status or changing some personal details(10 years validity) Rs.1500 Rs.2000
Minors – Replacement or Duplicate Passport for updating or modifying some personal details or removals of ECR status (5 years)

Tatkal Passport Fees List

Tatkal Passport Fee
Type of Passport Passport with 36 pages Booklet 60 pages Booklet Passport
New or Fresh passport (10 years validity) Rs.3500 Rs.4000
Renewal or Reissue of the Passport (10 years validity) Rs.3500 Rs.4000
Adding a booklet when the pages in the passport are finished (10 years validity) Rs.3500 Rs.4000
Minors – 15 to 18 years to apply for fresh/new/renewal/reissue of passport for 10 years validity Rs.3500 Rs.4000
Minors to apply for renewal/new/fresh/reissue of the passport for 5 years validity or until attaining majority Rs.3000  –
Duplicate or Replacement of Passport if damaged/lost/stolen/misplaced of the existing passport Rs.5000 Rs.5500
Replacement or Duplicate passport for modifying some details or removal of ECR status or changing personal details for 10 years validity Rs.3500 Rs.4000
Minors – Duplicate or Replacement passport to update or modifying some personal details via removal of ECR status for 5 years validity or until the majority Rs.3000

Also, know about Tatkal Passport

The applicants who are searching for the Passport Fees can see the above tables. We had clearly given the different types of Passport fee structures in the above tabular columns. So, the interested candidates can check the above tables to know those details. To know more details about Passport fee structure follow the below sections.

  • If you want the Passport urgently, you will be charged Rs. 2000 additional to the normal fee which is mentioned in the above tables.
  • Furthermore, the Police Clearance Certificate fee is Rs. 500.
  • There is no cost or no application fee for Diplomatic or Official Passports.

How to Pay Passport Fee

Many People don’t know the process of paying the passport Fee. The individuals who want to apply for a passport can pay the application fee in 2 ways. They are one is the online process and the another one is the offline process. In the offline process, you have to take the application form in passport office and pay the money directly at the counter. But in the online process, you have to download the application form from the official website. After submitting the application, the applicants have to pay the passport fee through online. Therefore, we are providing those details in the following sections. So, read the below sections to know the payment details.

Passport Fee Online Payment

The applicants can pay the passport fee as per the below requirements. So, follow the below sections to know the online payment methods.

  1. You can pay through Credit Card or Debit card.
  2. Internet Banking through SBI and Associate banks.
  3. For appointment Booking at PSKs, the online payments are mandatory.
  4. You should pay the money only for the applications under the Tatkal scheme through online payment but the remaining fee under the normal scheme should be in cash only.
  5. Banks charges 1.5%  + service tax on Credit Cards and Debit Cards payments.
  6. For State Bank of India and Associate banks, the service tax and charges are not applicable.
  7.  If you pay the application fee through online once, it is valid for one year from the date of the payment.
  8. After the expiry of the validity, you need to pay the application fee again through online.
  9. The payment can be made by debit card or credit card at citizen service centres.
Indian Passport Fees Cash Payments
  • You can pay the application fee at any of the Passport Seva Kendra.
  • In a case of Tatkal application, the applicants can pay the normal application fee and Tatkal fee at a time. You can also pay the Tatkal fee through online.
  • When paying the cash at PSK, the public should behave carefully with the officers. You should not tout and argue with the PSK officers.
Pay Passport Fee by Demand Draft
  • The payment should be only in Demand draft ar District Passport Cells.
  • The Demand Draft has to be made out to “PAO – MEA” to satisfy the RPO.
  • In Speed Post Centers (SPCs) the payment should be in Demand Draft only. It must be in the favour of “PAO – MEA” and it is payable only at RPO locations.
  • On the backside of the demand draft, the users should right the applicant’s name, Date of Birth of the applicant and date of submission of the application.
  • The collection centres accept the fresh passport applications only.
  • All the penalties should be paid in cash only.

Passport Fee Calculator

The Passport Fee Calculator is also available now. Therefore, the individuals who want to know the Passport fee can check in the Passport Fee Calculator. It is available in the Passport Official website. We are providing some usage steps of Passport Fee Calculator in the below sections. Therefore, the interested candidates who want to know about the Fee Calculator can follow the below sections. Hence, follow the below steps to calculate your Passport Fees.

  • First of all, go to the official website –
  • Search for the Passport Fee Calculator in the search box.
  • Click on the Passport Fee Calculator Link.
  • A page with Passport Fee Calculator appears on the screen.
  • Select the Application type, Service type, Age, Validity, Scheme, etc., as shown in the corresponding blocks.
  • Lick on the Calculate Fee Button.
  • Finally, you Passport application fee amount appears on the screen.

We had provided the Passport Fees from the official website. You can also refer the official website to know the more details about Passport Fees, Payment methods, and Passport Fee Calculator.

FAQs for Passport Fees

1. What is the total amount that I have to pay for PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)?

Ans: You have to pay a total amount of Rs. 500 for getting the Police Clearance Certificate.

2. If the appointment is not booked, then the amount I have paid is Refundable or not?

Ans: If you pay the money once it does not refund to you.

3. What are the accepted payment methods for paying the application Fee?

Ans: You can pay the application fee either in the offline process or the online process. You can use Debit Card, Credit Card, SBI Bank Challan, Internet Banking for Online payments. For offline payments, you can pay at Passport Seva Kendra.

4. Which banks accept the Challan Payments?

Ans: All the branches of State Bank of India accepts the Challan Payments.

5. If I don’t have an Account in State Bank of India, then what can I do?

Ans: If you do not have an account in the State Bank of India, then you can make your payments by using Credit cards or Debit cards of other banks. You can also pay the application fee in the form of State Bank of India challan.

6. Is there any validity for Fee?

Ans: Yes, the payment has a validity of one year from the day of the payment.

7. I booked an appointment for verification, but I didn’t attend it. Is there any validity for the appointment or I have to again book the appointment?

Ans: There is no need to book the appointment again. The appointment is valid for a period of one year from the day of the appointment date.

8. Is there any chance to transfer the paid amount from one Application Reference Number (ARN) to another ARN?

Ans: No. Once if you pay the fee it cannot be transferred from one Application Reference Number to another Application Reference Number.

9. Are there any chances to change the Appointment Scheduled date?

Ans: Yes. After the confirmation of the appointment of passport verification by the Passport Seva Kendra, you can reschedule twice from the date of the appointment before one year.

10. Is there any time period for depositing the fee at State Bank of India?

Ans: After a period of 85 days the challan expires. So, the payments will be rejected after the expiry date.

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