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Appointment Availability Status is available now at Online. Book your appointment for passport verification process. Get your Passport Appointment status at Online. Read the complete article, to know more details about Passport appointment Availability Status. You can also know the Appointment location, dates, Application type, and quota at the official website

 Passport Brief Info

Passport is an important document for every citizen. If you have a wish to study in states, you have to apply for a passport. The other states are not allowed to their countries without having a passport. The passport is the most and mandatory document for all the individuals. Passport is mandatory to do international business with other countries. To apply for a passport, you need some necessary documents. Therefore, you can see the passport necessary documents in the below sections. So, the interested people who want to apply for a passport can utilize them.

Passport is also known as a traveling document. It contains the details like the passport holder’s name, date of birth, Age, address, mobile number, parent’s or guardian’s name, Spouse name, etc. By seeing your passport, everyone can notice from which country you are. To get your identity from the government apply now for the Passport. You can apply online or at Passport Seva Kendra. While applying for the passport the individuals have to know the Passport New Rules and regulations. After applying for the passport, you have to book your appointment for verification. The Passport Appointment Availability Status details are given in below. So, follow the below sections to know those details.

Fresh Passport Application

Passport Appointment Availability Status

The people who are not having a passport can apply now at Online or directly at Passport Seva Kendra. Once, if you applied for the passport you can book your appointment schedule through online. When your appointment is fixed for verification, you can collect your passport via courier. The applicants of passport can also check their appointment status through online at the official website.

For the sake of people, we are providing the simple and easy steps for passport Appointment Status checking. Therefore, the applicants who applied for a passport can check their appointment status easily. To get the passport, the individuals have to attend the verification within time. You can get the passport only after the completion of the verification process. Hence, follow the below topics to know furthermore details about passport and it’s status checking steps and procedure.

How to Check the Appointment Availability Status for A Passport

The applicants of passport can check their appointment status in 2 ways. One is the Online process and the another one is the offline process. Therefore, we are giving the two processing methods in some simple and easy steps. So, everyone can know their passport appointment availability status easily by following the below steps.

Appointment Availability Status

Steps to Check the Appointment schedule

  • First of all, the users have to go to the Passport official website
  • Search for the Appointment Availability Status Link.
  • If you find the link, then click on it.
  • A page with appointment availability appears on the screen.
  • You can find the options like Passport Office, Enter Characters Displayed.
  • Select the location from the Passport Office.
  • The Options in Passport Office are given below.
    • Ahmedabad.
    • Amritsar.
    • Bareilly.
    • Bengaluru.
    • Bhopal.
    • Bhubaneswar.
    • Chandigarh.
    • Chennai.
    • Cochin.
    • Coimbatore.
    • Dehradun.
    • Delhi.
    • Ghaziabad.
    • Goa.
    • Guwahati.
    • Hyderabad.
    • Jaipur.
    • Jalandhar.
    • Jammu.
    • Kolkata.
    • Kozhikode.
    • Lucknow.
    • Madurai.
    • Malappuram.
    • Mumbai.
    • Nagpur.
    • Patna.
    • Pune.
    • Raipur.
    • Ranchi.
    • Shimla.
    • Srinagar.
    • Surat.
    • Thane.
    • Trichy.
    • Trivandrum.
    • Visakhapatnam.
  • Select anyone from the above list.
  • Enter the characters which appear on the screen.
  • If you are not understanding the characters, you can change the characters.
  • Finally, click on the Check Appointment Availability Button.
  • Your Passport Appointment details appear on the screen as shown in the below table.

Click Here: Passport Status

Passport Appointment Status

If you want to know the passport appointment availability status, you can follow the above steps. If the follow the above steps, you can get your appointment status as shown in in the below tabular column. By selecting the different state, you can know your appointment details like the below table.

PSK/RPO Location Application Type Appointment Quota Appointment Date No of Appointments Released
PSK Mithakali Ahmedabad Passport Normal Available for 16/03/2017 715
PSK Mithakali Ahmedabad Passport Tatkaal Available for 07/03/2017 20
PSK Mithakali Ahmedabad PCC Available for 08/03/2017 30
PSK Rajkot Passport Normal Available for 17/03/2017 575
PSK Rajkot Passport Tatkaal Available for 07/03/2017 25
PSK Rajkot PCC Available for 07/03/2017 50
PSK Vadodara Passport Normal Available for 17/03/2017 670
PSK Vadodara Passport Tatkaal Available for 07/03/2017 30
PSK Vadodara PCC Available for 09/03/2017 50
PSK Vijay Cross Road Ahmedabad Passport Normal Available for 17/03/2017 665
PSK Vijay Cross Road Ahmedabad Passport Tatkaal Available for 07/03/2017 30
PSK Vijay Cross Road Ahmedabad PCC Available for 08/03/2017 50
Post Office Passport Seva Kendra Dahod Passport Normal Available for 07/03/2017 100
PSK Mithakali Ahmedabad 11th March 2017 Passport Normal Available for 11/03/2017 750
PSK Rajkot 11th March 2017 Passport Normal Available for 11/03/2017 650
PSK Vadodara 11th March 2017 Passport Normal Available for 11/03/2017 650
PSK Vijay Cross Road 11th March 2017 Passport Normal Available for 11/03/2017 750

Passport Appointment Availability Status Checking

  • If you have an earlier account, you can directly open the  Appointment availability option link.
  • If you are the first time user, you have to register now.
  • Read the below steps to know the registration process.

Registration Processing Steps

  • First of all, select the option for which you are applying.
  • Select the Passport office, it should be near to your residential address where you are living.
  • In the next step write your name which includes both the surname, first name and the middle name.
  • Select the date of birth which will be followed by your mail-id.
  • Select the Login – ID option it should be same as your email id.
  • Enter a login id and the check the availability of the login id.
  • Type a password and read the policy password before entering the password.
  • Re-enter or re-type the password.
  • If it shows a hint, then answer the hint.
  • Enter the characters which are displayed on the screen.
  • If you did not understand the characters, you can change them.
  • Finally, click on the register button.
  • If you register successfully, then you can directly login to continue the process to check your passport availability status.
  • You can also you this login id in future if you want.
Updated: March 24, 2017 — 12:31 pm


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