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Before applying for a passport, everyone should know the importance about Passport. Here we have provided detailed information of Indian Passport. Also, you have to know rules to apply for a new Passport. Thus, check all details of Passport Seva Kendra to request a new Passport. Identify the types of Passports in India from below sections. You can get the details about how does the Indian Passport look like, rules, types, FAQs. So, follow the below sections to know more information about Passport.

About Passport

The Passport is an entry card to any foreign countries because without a passport we can’t go to any foreign countries. If you have an interest in visiting any foreign country, then it is very important to have passport here.  But before you have to know what Passport is? & what are the rules to apply for new Passport?

Mainly, the Passport is issued by the government of India which certifies that the holders are the citizens of the Republic of India by Birth or Naturalization. It is according to the Passport Act 1967. The Passport issuance can happen from 37 different Locations in the country.

An Indian Passport is a document issued by the government which permits the holder to travel to any foreign country. It indicates that the holder is a citizen of a particular country in which it is issued. Also, we can know the identity of the holder by the passport.

We know the Indian Passport come with deep blue-black cover. The Print on the Passport is gold in color. In the center of the front cover, the Indian Emblem picture is printed. So, at the top of that emblem, the word Passport is written in both English and Hindi language. Also, at the below the word ‘Republic of India’ is also written in two languages. Any Passport has 36 pages in it.

New Passport Application Rules

There are some rules for new passport application. Here we have mentioned the rules and conditions that are to follow while applying for a New Passport. The MEA has announced new rules to the proof of Date of Birth for Passport application. So, as per the rules, the applicants can submit various documents as a proof of Date of Birth.

The MEA has revealed its existing rules that will help the applicants to apply for a passport very easily. As per the new rules, the candidates who have born on or before 26/01/1989 has to provide the Date of Birth Certificate as a proof of DOB. Under the new rules, the candidates can provide any of the documents for Passport as a proof of date of birth.

  • DOB Certificate issued by the municipal corporation.
  • The transfer certificate/school leaving certificate issued by the recognized school or college last attended.
  • PAN Card issued by the Income Tax Department.
  • Aadhaar card/ E-Aadhaar issued by the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India)
  • The Driving License issued by the State government’s RTO (Regional Transport Department)
  • A voter ID Card or EPIC issued by the ECI (Election Commission of India)
  • Policy bond issued by the public Life Insurance firms.
  • Pay pension order with DOB or Service Extract Record (applicable for all government employees)

As Women and Child Ministry, Ministry of External Affairs has offered changes in the passport rules.

Some of the Rules are

  • The Applicant should provide the name of only one parent. So, it allows single parents to apply for passports for their children.
  • The total number of rules are reduced to 9 from 15 (As per the prescribed Passport rules, 1980)
  • Some of the rules have been removed while some of the rules are merged to make the process easy.
  • In the application process, the applicant can provide self – declaration on plain paper. So, there is no need of attestation.
  • In Passport application process, there is no need to mention the name of the individual ‘s spouse. If he/she is a divorcee.
  • The Orphaned children can submit a declaration which is provided by the head of the orphanage or by the child care home. So, that confirms the date of Birth of the applicant.
  • Instead of submitting the registered adoption deed by the applicant who is domestically adopted. He/she can give a declaration on a plain paper by confirming the adoption.

Recently the Ministry of External Affairs has introduced various methods to reduce the processing time of the passport application. Also, an individual can apply for Passport with the help of Aadhaar that will speed up the process. So, the individual can get a passport quickly.

Now the government is installing POS Machines for the payment of Tatkal Passports. So, this will reduce the cash transactions. For more details about Passport, you can refer to the Ministry of External Affairs website.

Different Types of Passports in India

There are mainly three types of passports in India issued by the GOI as per the Passport Act 1967. They are listed as

  1. Ordinary Passport/Type P: The P denotes ‘Personal’. It is an ordinary Passport issued by the ordinary individuals.
  2. Official Passport/Type S: S denotes ‘Service’. These are official passports issued by the individual who goes to abroad on official state/government work.
  3. Diplomatic passport/Type D: D denotes ‘Diplomat’. These are the Diplomatic Passports issued by the individuals who always travel to the abroad on official work. Also including those posted aboard.

Also along with this passports, some of the passport offices in foreign countries as well as in India can issue regular passports for Indo-Srilankan and Indo-Bangladesh. These are the passports to the Indians who are living in Puducherry, in the North Eastern States, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal. Therefore the Indo-Srilanksn Passport and Indo-Bangladesh Passports are only valid for traveling to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and are not valid in traveling to other foreign countries.

 About Passport Seva Kendra (PSK)

In the recent years, the National e-governance Plan includes many high impacts on the e-governance projects. The one such project focuses on the Passport services in India. The MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) is responsible for providing passports to the individuals through the network of 37 Passports offices across the country & 180 Indian Embassies. As passport is essential for those individuals, who are traveling to the abroad for tourism, education, business purpose, etc. From last few years, the demand of Passport is being increased. So, the increased demand for passport and the related services is coming for both small towns and large cities. Thus, to improve the delivering of Passport services to Indian Citizen, the MEA had launched the Passport Seva in May 2010.

So, the increased demand for passport and the related services is coming for both small towns and large cities. Thus, to improve the delivering of Passport services to Indian Citizen, the MEA had launched the Passport Seva in May 2010. Passport Seva provides a simple, convenient and transparent process for delivering of Passport. Passport Seva combines with the State police for the Physical verification of the applicant details & with the India Posts for Delivery of Passports instead of creating a networked environment for govt staff.

Frequently Asked Questions – Passport Services

Here we have provided some questions About Passport. So, if you have any doubts About Passport and its Services, you can refer these FAQ’s which are given below.

What are the types of services available on the online portal at Passport offices?

Mainly there are different Passport Services available at Passport offices they are:

  • The Issue of Fresh Passport: The candidates those who apply Passport for very first time in their lives then they should use this Facility to get Passport.
  • Reissue of Passport: You can reissue you Passport in Some Cases. So, here we have given those cases.
    • There is a mistake in your name then you have to apply for Reissue of Passport.
    • The Passport has expired.
    • All pages in the Passport have stamped i.e. no free pages.
    • Passport has been lost.
    • Passport has damaged due to water, fire and other reasons, etc.
    • Misprinted Passport has been received.
  • Other Miscellaneous Passport Services:
    • Issue of PCC
    • Issuance of Tatkal Passport

What are the types of Passport that one can apply?

There are mainly three types of Passports namely:

  • Ordinary Passport
  • Diplomatic Passport
  • Official Passport

Ordinary Passport

The ordinary Passport has a blue cover. These are the most common Passports that are issued by normal Indian citizens. It can either of 36 or 60 pages. The Passport Validity is ten years. i.e. if it applied under normal conditions.

Diplomatic Passport

The Colour of the Diplomatic Passport is Maroon. These passports are issued to the members of national government, diplomats, judiciary.

Official Passport

The colour of the official Passport is in grey in colour. The official Passport is issued to non-gazetted, servants or to the persons who are authorised by the government.

Is it necessary to have a permanent address for a Passport in India?

No, it is not necessary to have a permanent address for Passport in India. Therefore it is compulsory for the applicant to give the present address because only the present or current address is available or printed on the Passport.

Is it necessary to provide the Date of Birth Certificate for issuing of Passport?

It is compulsory to submit the Date of Birth certificate, if the candidate born on or after 26th January 1989 for issuing of Passport. But if the applicant is born before the 26th January 1989 then he/she can provide any one of the proofs of Date of Birth.

What is the use of Passport File number? 

The Passport File Number is unique Reference file number which is allotted to every person who applies for Passport. With the help of Passport File Number, you can check or track your Passport Application status through online.

Therefore for more details about Passport, the applicants can refer to our site www.passportlogin.in regularly.

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