Verify Passport Application Status | Online Passport Status by File Number

Have you completed your Passport Application Process? Then you can easily know your Passport status here. In our site, we are providing an online tool which will give you the current status of your passport. The only thing is to enter your File number and Date of birth in the space provided. Then you can easily get your Indian Passport Status. You can also check your online Passport Application status from the official site. Thus, follow the below sections to know more details about the passport.

About Indian Passport

An Indian Passport comes with the deep black-blue color. On the front side of the cover, the print is in golden color. Also, on the front side, the Indian Emblem Picture is printed in the centre. On the top of that Emblem, the Word ‘Passport’ printed in both English and Hindi language. At the bottom of that emblem the word ‘Republic of India’ is also written in both languages. Any passport contains 36 pages in it.

Indian Passport serves as a document which permits the holder to travel to any foreign country. It is a document issued by the government which shows the holder is a citizen of a particular country in which it is issued. The issuance of Passport can happen from 37 different locations in the country.

Passport New Rules

Now the government has introduced some new rules and regulations. So, the candidates need to follow the new rules and have to apply for Passport. Here we have updated new rules for Passport. Thus, the government also have introduced the point of sales Machines at Passport Seva Kendras. With the help of these machines, the candidates can simply do their payments and can apply for Tatkal Passports. The Applicants has to submit the required documents as per the new rules. Therefore, by clicking the below link you will know the new rules and regulations for Passport.

Click here to know Passport New Rules and Regulations

Passport Login Process

The candidates who want to apply for Passport should register in the Passport Seva official portal. As it is the main process, you should complete that before you begin the Passport application Process. By doing the passport login you will successfully complete the Passport Registration Process. So, by knowing the login process it will take less time to complete the passport application process. Otherwise, it consumes more time. Thus, the applicants need not worry because here we have provided the link to know the Process of Passport Login to complete the Passport Registration Process. Therefore by clicking the link, you can complete the Passport Seva login Process.

Click here to know Passport Login Process

Passport Forms

Before applying for the Passport, the candidates need to know the correct Passport Application form. The Passport forms are not same for all applicants because all the applicants will not apply for the same Passport form as the others apply. So, here we have provided different Passport Application forms for different types of Passports. Also, there will be e-forms which you have to download, and after filing the form online, again you need to upload the e-form. The applicants who are not convenient by filling online application form can download the Passport Application form, and they can fill the form manually. Some passport forms are required to submit along with the documents during Verification. Thus by clicking the below link, the applicants can know and download the Passport Forms.

Click here to know Passport Application Forms

Passport Application Process – Online/Offline

In olden days, the issuance of Passport is very complicated. But when compared with the olden days, now the issuance of Passport has become so easy through the online process. The individuals who want to apply for Passport can Apply through both online and offline. So, based on your convenience you can choose any of the Passport Application processes. But here we have provided both online and offline process. We have provided a link below so, by clicking the link you will get both the online and offline application process.

Click here for Indian Passport Application process

Passport Status – Online

It will be a dream to everyone to visit Foreign Countries at least once in their lifetime. Today all the students who have completed their studies are showing interest to continue their higher studies in aboard. For that, they should have a passport to go aboard for continuing their higher studies. So, all the candidates who don’t have a passport should apply for it. Then it will take some days to get the Passport. Meanwhile, the candidates who have applied can check their Passport status here by following the steps. The Passport status is provided by the respective Passport offices and updated by the National Informatics Center, Delhi.

You have to follow the below steps to know your Passport Status through online. Thus, the steps are listed below.

Online Process to Check Passport Application Status

  • Firstly you have to visit the PSP Portal i.e. the passport website
  • Then on the homepage, you will have an option ‘Track your application Status’.

Passport Application Status

  • By clicking on the link, it takes to the next page. There you have to select any one option from the three different options.
    • Application Status
    • Official Application Status/ Diplomatic
    • RTI Status
  • If the Application that you have applied for Passport does not belong to the RTI Status or Official Application Status, then you have to select the first option i.e. Application Status.

Status of Passport

  • Then you can know your Passport Status by entering your File number and date of Birth.
  • The File number is 15 alphanumeric characters which are mentioned in the acknowledgment letter. i.e the letter can be received at the application process at the exit counter.
  • So, after submitting the data, you can visit the ‘Status Tracker’ page.
  • Finally, you can view the following details about your Status.
    • File Number
    • Your First name and Last Name
    • Application Submission Date
    • Current Status of your Passport

Passport Online Status

In this way, you can know your Passport Status through Online. So, this will tell you at which stage your passport application is there.

Check Passport Application Status by different ways

The applied candidates can check passport status by different ways. Here we have mentioned four different ways in which you can track your Passport. They are

  1. Passport Application Status through SMS.
  2. Check Status by National Call Centers
  3. Passport Status by mPassport Seva app
  4. Track Passport Status by helpdesk

Passport Application Status through SMS

Now, the candidates who have applied for a new passport can get regular updates and alerts about the application status on their mobiles through SMS Service. It is an optional service to the Passport applicants.

First of all, the passport applicants should register for Passport Seva SMS Service at the Passport Seva Kendra where the candidates apply for Passport. So, the applicants will receive alerts and updates in the form of text messages to their particular phone numbers on which they have registered. Also, the candidates can send SMS any time to know their Passport Current Status. Therefore, one time SMS Service charge is Rs.30/-, and this charge is not included in Passport application fee.

While submitting the Passport application form, the candidates can select the SMS Services option. Also, the candidates should pay the one-time enrollment fee of Rs.30/-. If the candidates have already submitted the application form through online without selecting the SMS option. Then they can register for SMS Services using Enrol for SMS Services link under Services section after login.

After that, the candidates can track their Passport status by sending SMS to the 9704100100 in the format of STATUS.

Check Passport Status by National Call Centers

The Passport applicants can know their Passport status or other enquiries by calling to National Call Centers using the toll-free number. Then you can directly key to your file number directly through IVR or you can speak to the customer and should provide File number and Date of Birth. So, after they verify your File number, then the customer will inform you about the Passport Status.

Passport Application Status by mPassport Seva app

The candidates who want to get a new passport can now get easily from their Android services. You can free download mobile app called mPassport Seva app. The mobile app will help the users to fill the application form, & can know their Status. Also, the users can locate their nearest Passport Seva Kendra and get more information about Passport by mPassport Seva app. The users can get the list of documents to be submitted for Passport is also get from the mPassport Seva app.

Overall, the mPassport Seva mobile app is very easy to use and is neatly packed. Now, this mobile app is available in all Androids, iOS, Windows mobile phone.

Track Passport Online Application Status by helpdesk

It is the another way to track or check the Passport Status and other enquiries about passport by the helpdesk. i.e. the Passport Seva Kendra have helpdesks which help to know all details about the Passport application on status or updates. So, the users can visit the nearest Passport Seva Kendra with email or by calling to the PO.

Types of Indian Passport Application Status

The Candidates can check their Passport Status at different stages. i.e you can check the passport status till you get the passport. So, they will receive different status messages at the various stages. Therefore the different stages have listed below.

Status Summary Status Message
Application Submitted The Passport Application is submitted along with the required documents and the application fee.
Application Under Review Passpor Application is under review at Passport Seva Kendra or Regional Passport office.
Application Under Review with Reason Your application is under review with PSK, where you have submitted the application. So, please visit the Passport Seva Kendra with all relevant documents.
Police verification Status pending  Police verification is pending at your respective city police station under commissioner of police <city-name>
Police verification initiated The Police verification is initiated, and the police verification is sent to the commissioner of police <city-name>
Police Verification report submitted The police verification report is submitted by the commissioner of police, <city-name> and passport printing is in progress.
Police Verification report under review The police verification report is under review at regional passport office. After completed the police verification, then the passport will be dispatched.
Police Verification report is not clear Police verification is not clear, and the application is under the review at regional passport officer.
Passport granted The Passport application is granted to the applicant on a particular date <dd/mm/yyyy>
passport printed Your passport have been printed, and you will receive an email or SMS once the passport is dispatched.
passport dispatched Passport with <passport-number> dispatched on a particular date <dd/mm/yyyy> via speed post tracking number.
Passport returned undelivered You will receive passport Delivery Status on date <dd/mm/yyyy> ‘Returned Undelivered’. So, please contact your Regional office.

 Passport Renewal Process – Re-issue of New Passport

We all know that after issuing Passport the validity period is ten years. Then after the completion of 10 years, the candidates have to Renewal his/her passport because after ten years the passport is not valid and are not eligible to go any foreign country. So, those who have passports should check their validity period. If they find their validity period is expired, then the candidates should Renewal their Passport. For that, they have to fill the online application & should pay the application fee and have to book a slot to submit the required documents. Thus you can know clearly about the Passport Renewal application process by clicking the below link.

Check Renewal of Passport Application Process

Passport Police Verification

Generally, after completion of the Verification process, the passport police verification is done. Mainly the police verification for a passport is a security measure. Only after the completion of Police verification, the passport will be sent to your house. The government employees do not need any police verification during the issuance of Passport. So, they will receive Passport without Police Verification. But the police verification is done for all the individuals those who are issuing Passport. Now the online Passport Police Verification process is available. The online procedure is introduced to save time and to make the process fast. Recently two constables are appointed from each police station for Passport Police verification. So, that Police Verification Process is made so fast. To know more information click the below link so that the individual can know Online Passport Police Verification & also you can know your Police Station for verification.

Check here to know Police Verification

Passport Application Fees

It is very important to know fee details while applying for Passport. While applying for a Passport, you need to pay the application fee at the Passport Seva Kendra. In case if you have applied Passport through online then you have to pay application fee through online. Also, there are different fee structures for different types of Passport. i.e. it is on regular basis or Tatkal. You can check for Normal Passport application and also for Tatkaal Passport application here. By clicking the below link, you can clearly understand about fee details for different types of passport application.

Click here to know Passport Application Fees

Required Documents for Passport

 After completing the Passport Application Process. The Candidates have to check the required documents list for Passport because when you complete the application process candidates have to book a slot to submit all the documents for verification. There is a different list of documents for different types of Passport application. So, the candidates should verify once before they attend for verification. It is very important to submit all the required documents so that the verification will be completed fastly. Hence we have provided the list of documents for different types od Passport applications. So, check the list of Passport documents for the category you have applied. Thus, click the below link to know the required documents for Passport.

Check Passport Required Documents List 

About Student Passport

If the candidates want to continue their higher studies in abroad, then they should apply for Student Passport. The Students have to apply for Passport while they are studying Graduation. Because while studying the students can get a passport within a short period when compared with other individuals. The Application process is very simple i.e the students can apply both online or offline. But the online Passport Application process is very fast and easier than offline process. The online applications are available on the official site. It is same as the general application process. But there is little difference in the required documents. Firstly the student has to complete the registration process. Then they have to complete the application process. So, here we have explained two methods to complete the Student Passport Application Process. By clicking the link which is below you can know all details about Student Passport.

Click here to know details about Student Passport

Apply for Minor Passport

Every child below the age of 18 years is considered as Minors. So, those candidates have to get Minor Passport. The Validity period of Minor Child is for five years till they attain 18 years. In the case, if the minor’s age is between 15 to 18 then they can apply for the Passport which is validity period of 10 years. If the candidate is applied for Minor Passport with validity o ten years, then the Police Verification is compulsory. But for the validity of 5 years, there is no need of Police verification. So, those who want to apply Passport for Minor Child should check the required documents and the application fee. After the completion of Application Process, you need to select the Passport office venue and the Passport appointment time. Therefore you can know Minor Application Process by clicking the below link.

Check Application Process for Minor passport

How to Change Address in Passport

The Individuals who have got their Passport should check if all the details are correctly printed or not. After checking if you find any mistakes in name, address, date of birth, etc. In such cases, you can change the particular name, address, and other details. For example, if the applicant has found that his address is printed wrongly in the passport. Then the applicant can change his Address in the Passport by following two ways (i.e online and offline). Here we have provided both the process. So, by clicking the below link, you can easily understand the procedure.

Check the process to change Address in Passport

Passport Name Change – After Marriage

The applicants those who have found their name is wrongly written in Passport. Then they can change their name by following both online and offline process. The Individuals he/she who want to change their surname or middle name can change now. If they do not know how to change their name in Passport. Then process for changing their name in Passport. Then the applicants can follow the process which is available on our site.Thus, the applicants can choose any of the processes which are convenient for them. Therefore, by following any of the processes, the applicant can successfully change his/her name in the passport.

Click here to know process to change Name in Passport

Tatkal Passport – Online Application Process

The Candidates who want Passport very urgently can apply passport tatkal. Because the Tatkal process is very fast. By applying for tatkal Passport you will get passport very fastly. It is a very simple Online process. Those who don’t know how to apply for Tatkal Passport. Then they can follow the online procedure from our site. Here we have provided Tatkal Passport application process. So, by clicking the link which is available below you can easily know the online process. Such that with the help of the online process you can simply apply for Tatkal passport. Therefore, you can know the Tatkal Passport required documents by clicking the below link.

Check here for Tatkal Passport Application Process

List of Passport Offices

It is very important to know the list of Passport regional offices. Because at the time of filling the application you have to select the regional office which is nearer to your city. So at the time of application process, you have to schedule your Appointment. After scheduling you have to attend the passport Seva Kendra where your appointment is scheduled. For that, you have to know the address of each Regional office and also the address of the Passport Seva Kendras. Here we have provided the list of Passport Regional offices and Passport Seva Kendras along with the address. So, by clicking the link which is below you can directly know the Regional offices and Passport Seva Kendras addresses.

List of Passport Regional offices & Passport Seva Kendras

Police Clearance Certificate – PCC

The PCC is a certificate issued by the Indian government for the passport holders those who have applied immigration, long-term visa, Residential status. i.e. if the applicants have ECR Stamp endorsed in their Passports then they have to apply for Police Clearance Certificate. In our site, we have provided the PCC Application Process. So, those who want to apply for PCC can check the procedure by clicking the below. Also, you can know the list of documents that are to be submitted during verifications process. Therefore, by clicking the below link you can know all details about the Police Clearance Certificate.

Check PCC Application Process & Required Documents List

Passport Appointment Availability Status

The Applicants those who have applied for the passport can apply by following the online application process from above. At the time of application process, you need to pay the application fee and have to book an appointment for verification. Only after verification, you can get your Passport. So, the applicants have to attend verification within time. The applicants who have booked an appointment can check their appointment availability Status online. Here we have provided the link. Thus, by clicking the link you can know the steps to check the Passport Appointment Availability online status.

Check Steps to know Passport Appointment Availability Status

Know your Police Station

The applicants can issue Passport only after Police Verification. Sometimes you only have to go police station for the Verification process. So, it is very important to known the correct police station. In earlier days the police will come to your house for police verification. But as per the new rules, you have to visit the police station to complete your passport police verification Process. Due to increasing in population and also increasing passport applicants it is not possible to follow the old process. If you approach wrong police station then your Passport application process may delay. Thus, it is important to know your Police station to complete the verification process. Therefore, by clicking the below link you can know your correct police Station.

Click here to know your Police Station

Apply for Duplicate Passport

The Applicants can issue Duplicate Passport in case of lost or damaged. It is very simple to get te Duplicate Passport. In the case, if the Applicant has lost his Passport then the first thing he/she is need to file a report in the police station or at the passport office immediately. So, that the applicant can get his/her lost passport in few days. If the applicants do not get the lost Passport, then they have to apply for Duplicate Passport. The process of duplicate Passport is same as the process of a new passport. Only the applicants need to select the Reissue option while they are applying. As the fresh Passport Application Process is so familiar. Thus, by clicking the below link, you can know the Duplication Passport Application Process.

Check here to know the Process to Apply for Duplicate Passport

Passport Call Center

Passport Seva Kendra is the office which provides Passports for the individuals of India.The Passport Seva Kendra has a helpdesk and Call Centers which help in solving queries of the Applicant. Only the applicant need to do is register to email i.e. or by calling Passport Call Center at 1800-258-1800 if they have any queries regarding the Passport. Also by visiting the nearest Passport Seva Kendra, you can verify your doubts.

For more information and or any suggestions on Passport Services the applicants can call the number given above.

The National Call Centers Timings:

  • Citizen Service Executive Support: 8.00 A.M to 10.00 P.M
  • IVRS Support: 24 hours

Note: The Official Site is now facing connectivity problem at the toll-free number 1800-258-1800 in Jammu and Kashmir and in the North-East States. So, the citizens in Jammu & Kashmir are requested to dial 040-66720567 and 040-66720581 for the North-East States.

Frequently Asked Questions

These may be some queries or FAQ about the Passport. So, by referring to these Frequency asked questions which are available below you can verify and know answers to your doubts.

Can I ask my Passport Status by calling the Call Centers?

Yes, you can Check the Passport Application Status by calling Call Centers at 1800-258-1800. So, you can talk to the Call Center executive and know your Status by providing file number and Date of Birth.

Can a Call Center Executive apply for the Passport on my behalf?

No, the Call Center Executive cannot apply for the passport on your behalf.

I have lost my Passport. Can I file a complaint by calling to the Call Center Executive?

No, you can not file a complaint about loss of passport through the Call Center. Immediately you need to report and file a complaint about loss of Passport to the nearest police station and also to the Passport office.

Can I know about my nearest Passport Seva Kendra by calling to the Call Center?

Yes, you can know your nearest Passport Seva Kendra by calling to the Call Centers. Also, you can visit the official site to locate your nearest ‘Passport Seva Kendra’.

Who will help in solving my doubts and queries?

You can ask your doubts and queries about the Passport by the following ways:

  • Visiting the official site
  • By calling to the Passport Call Centers at 1800-258-1800.
  • Otherwise, you can visit the nearest ‘Passport Seva Kendra’.